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Sweet U Candies and Nuts

130+ Varieties

Sweet U Candy Shops offers over 130 varieties of candies, nuts, dried fruits, trail mix, and fudge in a state of the art professionally branded kiosk shop.  Some Sweet U locations will also feature premium soft serve frozen custard.

We also feature Fresh Roasted Cinnamon glazed pecans, almonds and cashews that we roast fresh every day! The delicious sweet smell fills the air. Stop by for a free sample and U will be hooked. These treats are deliciously addicting!

Mix-N-Match Your Favorites

When U visit one of our locations – U will have the option of mixing and matching all of your favorites and creating your own perfect trail mix, candy, and nut snack or a Really SWEET Gift for someone special.

At Sweet U all of our bulk candies, nuts, trail mix, dried fruits, fudge and Frozen Custard are all one great low price. Unlike other candy and ice cream shops we keep it simple, fresh and delicious for U.

Sweet U Candy Shops
Sweet U Candies

“U”pside-Down Sundaes!

The Sweet U locations that offer Soft Serve Premium Frozen Custard will give you the unique opportunity to make the, soon to be FAMOUS “Sweet U ‘U’pside Down Sundae” with one of the largest toppings bar in the world!

At Sweet U, it is all about the incredible selection of Candies and Nuts. When U make a delicious Sundae here, the candies, nuts and fruits go in your cup first and then U top it off with our premium soft serve Frozen Custard.  An Upside-Down Sundae really is SWEET! We also carry Cones as well for those looking for a quick frozen treat.